Be a Part of History

Next Public Meeting for the Colchester Highland Games & Gathering is on

Thursday August 24th at 7.30pm in the Bible Hill Village Hall, 67 Pictou Road, Bible Hill.  Everyone is welcome. There will also be meetings on August 31st and September 5th.  All volunteers must attend at least one of the final meetings to enable jobs to be allocated.  If you cannot attend any meeting please let our volunteer co-ordinator know be clicking HERE


Looking for something great to put on your resume or just looking for ways to help your local community? 

Check out some of the positions below or join a team. 

If you are just looking to help out Friday for set up, Saturday during the event, or for clear up on Sunday morning then 

please get in touch. 

     There are many more positions available, just drop us a line here.  We so appreciate all our volunteers.  Thank you.

Advertising Exec.

Looking for someone who knows how to deal with the media, can tell a great story & find places to advertise. 


If you can get us noticed apply now.

Tug 'O' War

Would you like to co-ordinate our

Tug 'O' War teams.

A basic knowledge required only as all information & rules provided.

General Volunteer

Volunteers will have free access to the games, be provided with a T Shirt &  lunch at our VIP tent and have the opportunity to attend our evening Ceilidh Dance Party at a reduced cost.


Volunteers Summary of Positions


Games Co-ordinator - FILLED

Assistant Games Co-ordinator - FILLED

Volunteers Co-ordinator - FILLED

Main Stage Co-ordinator - FILLED

Heavyweights - FILLED

Bairns Battles - FILLED

Kilted Dash - FILLED

Pipe Bands - FILLED

Solo Pipers - FILLED

Highland Dancing - FILLED

Re-enactment - FILLED

Adult Races - FILLED

Tug 'O' War - REQUIRED

Fundraising Co-ordinator - REQUIRED



Heavyweights - FILLED


Bairns Battles - FILLED

Kilted Dash - FILLED

Highland Dancing - FILLED



Front Gate - REQUIRED

Programme Sales - REQUIRED

Mobile Water Sales - REQUIRED

Main Stage Assistant - REQUIRED 

Hospitality Host - REQUIRED

Parking Attendants - REQUIRED


Treasurer - FILLED

Assistant Treasurer - FILLED

Public Relations - FILLED

Games Board Secretary - FILLED

Craft Tent Convenor - FILLED

Food Vendor Convenor - FILLED

Games Announcer (MC) - FILLED

First Aid - FILLED

Security Personnel - FILLED

Advertising Executive - REQUIRED





Meet Our Committee Members

Linda Finnie 

Event Co-ordinator

Fundraising Events


Gallus Gael Re-enactor


Linda Here

Donne Moore

Assistant Games


Barb Simms

Secretary To The Board

Fundraising Event Committee 

James Finnie 

Public Relations


President of the Games

Gallus Gael Re-enactor


James Here

Doug Wile


The Guy in charge of the money...

Sherri Mallov

Assistant Treasurer

The Woman in Charge of the Guy with the Money!

Fundraising Event Committee

Sandra Farrell

Live Music Stage Co-ordinator

Fundraising Event Committee

Contact Sandra Here 


Would you like to be our Advertising Executive


Daphne Cooper

Volunteer Co-ordinator & Fundraising Events Committee


Daphne Here


Don & Elsa Sage

Feild Co-ordinators


Scott Whitelaw 

Food Vendor Co-ordinator

Gallus Gael Re-enactor


Elva MacDonald

Craft Vendor


Contact: Elva Here

Brenda Parker

Rhonda MacIsaac

Highland Dance


Adam Ogilivie

Heavyweights Co-ordinator

 Mike Dupius

Pipe & Drum Co-ordinator.  Contact:

Mike Here 

Cody Brown

Bairns Battles


Tug 'O' War co-ordinator