Colchester (Nova Scotia) Tartan

The Unveiling

The Colchester Nova Scotia Tartan was unveiled by Jean Watson - the woman behind Tartan Day (April 6th) 

We were joined by the Mayors of Truro, Stewiacke & Colchester, Commissioner of Bible Hill as well as Chief Bob Gloade.

Clann An Drumma of Scotland performed from their latest album & Sobey's provided some light refreshments.

Friday September 8th at 6.30pm

Fundraising Products

If you are interested in purchasing an item made with the Colchester Nova Scotia Tartan please contact us HERE  As well as our kilts, scarves, sashes, tie's, bags, golf towels, vests & necklaces our designer would be only too happy to discuss your requirements for something else. 

Our tartan is only reproducible with the express written permission of the Colchester Highland Games & Gathering Society.

Colchester NS Tartan Scarf

100% Wool. Woven in Scotland.

Made in Nova Scotia

Limited Edition from a restricted permission only tartan weave.

Scarves will only be available after the unveiling of the new Tartan on September 8th. 

Order yours now at our special pre unveiling price.




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Colchester NS Tartan Kilt

Heavyweight 100% wool kilt woven in Scotland and Made to Measure in Nova Scotia. 

Choose from 5 limited edition first made kilts with the new Colchester NS Tartan which come with a certificate of authenticity, or purchase one of our regular kilts (no certificate) whichever your budget allows.

Please note regular kilts will only be available when the first five kilts have been purchased. 


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  • We will email you when your item(s) are available to ship

The Story of the Tartan

The Colchester (Nova Scotia) Tartan was registered in Edinburgh, Scotland as the first official tartan of Colchester County.  

It was woven by Lochcarron Weavers of Scotland and the design was top secret until it's unveiling  on September 8th


Five first edition made to measure kilts will be hand made by Red Label Kilts right here in Nova Scotia.

Each kilt will come with a certificate of authenticity.


KILT # 1 Official Certificate Naming it as the worlds first kilt made in Colchester (Nova Scotia) Tartan - $2,500 - SOLD

KILT # 2 Official Certificate Naming it as the second kilt made in the Colchester (Nova Scotia) Tartan ~ $2,000

KILTS 3, 4 & 5 Official Certificate naming kilts  3, 4 & 5 ever made in Colchester (Nova Scotia) Tartan - $1,500


Each Kilt will be hand made to measure for the purchaser

The Purchase of Colchester (Nova Scotia) Tartan will thereafter be restricted, any future production of the tartan will be allowed only with permission of the Colchester Highland Games & Gathering Society.

The Colours of Colchester

The Colchester (Nova Scotia) Tartan has been designed by 4 members of the Colchester Highland Games & Gathering Society in Association with Red Label Kilt Designs in Sydney, Cape Breton.  The colours of the tartan will represent our county of Colchester and what it stands for, and will be made  in 'Hunting Tartan' colours.


The Dark Red Loamy Soil of Colchester County is the background colour of our tartan. 

The Red was crosswoven with the Green of the Land itself, the Blue of our Rivers & Bay (Scots), the Yellow Daffodil (Acadians) & Black taken from the proud Mi'kmaw Nation.

The Colours represent those of us who settled in this place we call Colchester.

We have reached far and wide, with enquiries coming from Australia, California, New Jersey and Canada.  We even have an article in a Scottish History Magazine... read it HERE