Scottish Backhold Wrestling

New for 2018 - Fully Sanctioned Wrestling Competition

2018 will see a new competition in our Games.  Scottish Backhold Wrestling. 

This has been a sport in Scottish Highland Games and Gatherings for centuries and was part of the competition, along with the heavyweights competitions, set by the Lairds (Lords)  to find the strongest and best men to defend and work his land.

.   A Guide to Backhold Wrestling - Sorry, No subtitles     .

Jonathan Roode of Sprawlers Amateur Wrestling Club in Halifax has taken on the task of organising this event for us. 

The Wrestling Association NS has also assisted in making it easier for this discipline in wrestling to be available to competitors at our Highland Games & Gathering.



Wrestling Canada Code of Conduct can be found above.  Scottish Backhold Modified Atlantic Canadian Rules can be found on the right. 

Scottish Backhold: Modified Atlantic Canadian Rules
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