18th century Costume & Weaponry

Gallus Gael Re-enactors present - 18th century costume (myth, legend, truth) - Any fan of 'Outlander' will love this.

The Scottish Soldier of the 1745 rebellions - what would he carry?  Musket, sword, targe & more... what did the women wear?

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Lalland Scots

Lalland Scots is the main language still spoken in Scotland today, albeit in it's present form diluted somewhat with English.

Much like the Aboriginal languages of North America it is not recognised as an official language.  It was banned in schools across Scotland throughout the last century.  Most children still spoke it at home, but at school were forced to read, write and speak English instead!  

If you would like to learn more about this fascinating language (the language of Robert Burns - Poet) the Scottish Culture and heritage and be able to understand the native's on any trip to Bonnie Scotland, then  come along for a 'Guid wee blether' at our Lalland Scots workshop.  



An Introduction to the Lalland Scots Language - the living language of today

Culture and Heritage

Where to visit and when

Question & answer session

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Ceilidh Dance

Come along and learn some ceilidh dances - the traditional dance of Scotland.

Learned from a young age, these dances come as second nature to any Scot.

From the 'Gay Gordons' to 'Strip the Willow'

A unique and fun way to get fit and stay fit. 

This workshop is open to all ages.

Cost: donation

Archery Workshop

Come learn the art of bow making and the history of the long bow. 

This workshop is almost 2 hours long but a must for the archery enthusiast.  

Cost - Donation