Maritime Heavyweight Championship

2018 will see Colchester county host the Maritime Heavyweight Championship.  

This year the heavyweight events will include the Mens, The Womens, The Juniors and The Novices.  

The Old Scotia Heavyweights

NOVICE Heavy Weight Try Out?

If you have ever wanted to see what it is like to 'toss the caber' or 'throw the hammer' then your luck is in!

This year the heavyweight event will also host a novice competition.  

A clinic will be held in the week leading up to the games for novices to 'try out' for their chance to compete in the games.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Adam HERE

The Ogilvie Stone Challenge

The Ogilvie Stone was used for the very first time at the Inaugural Colchester Highland Games & Gathering. 

Historically the 'Stone of Strength'  or 'The Manhood Stone' would have to be lifted to chest height by the young males of the Scottish highland clans as a right of passage into manhood, this tradition has spanned throughout the centuries.

Our 'Stone of Strength' weighs approximately 230lbs and will be used in the strong man contests.


Adam Ogilvie who is our local Heavyweight competitor and co-ordinator of the Heavyweight Competition at the Games has put up $50 or his own hard earned money as a challenge to anyone out there who would like to try their luck (for a $5 donation) at being able to lift the stone onto their shoulder!   (and yes the stone is called after him as he was the one who found it in the River and dragged it (with help initially) back to his home (on HIS shoulder)!


There will one chance to lift it all the way, one slip and your chance has gone. 

The first person to get it up on to their shoulder is the winner of the $50.

If your chest is as far as you can get it, don't worry, you will still be recorded as having performed this great feat of strength in the

'Ogilvie Stone' Journal for all time.


Ogilvie Stone Waiver
Colchester Highland Games - OgilvieStone
Microsoft Word Document 96.9 KB

Please read and sign the above document and bring it with you on the day of the games to be able to enter the Ogilvie Stone Challenge. 

Registration will take place at the Heavyweights tent.