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We look forward to welcoming all Clans to our Games FREE of CHARGE. 

We do, however, request that you bring your own table, chairs and tent in this the  first year of the Colchester Highland Games & Gathering. 

Please fill out your requirements below to enable us to allocate your space.

Set up is anytime between 08.00hrs on Friday September 8th and 09.30hrs on September 9th.

Please note there will be no vehicular traffic allowed onsite between 10.00 and 11.30hrs due to the parade and opening ceremony.

Clan Society Space Rules - Please Read

The following rules are for your protection, your customer's protection, and for the protection of the venue & organisers; they also help to maintain the standards and quality of the Games. Read carefully prior to booking a space to be sure that your booth complies with them and to avoid any misunderstandings.

Any items offered for sale by a Clan Society must be suitable for display in a public area, not offensive in nature and must be of a high quality.  Suitability will be at the sole discretion of the event organiser. All spaces that are not occupied by 10.00hrs on September 9th 2017 will forfeit their space .

Exhibitors must ensure that their display is completely set up when the Games officially open. Exhibitors are expected to keep their items neatly displayed at all times and to be at their designated space during the hours the Games are in progress. Due to the nature of the event & restrictions of traffic, exhibitors shall not disassemble, pack up or remove any part of their display prior to the official closing time unless in an absolute emergency. An official must be contacted in this case.

All exhibitors must contain their display, their work or product and their storage boxes within the dimensions of the space they rent.  All garbage must be removed after the Games have ended. Tables/booths/tents/displays must in no way obstruct or endanger the neighboring people or areas. If you are having a walk-in booth, you must provide adequate walk-in space within your designated area. Each vendor is responsible for adhering to provincial, and municipal regulations and restrictions regarding their individual stock. Collection of HST & GST & Insurance is the responsibility of the registered exhibitors.  The Colchester Highland Games & Gathering Society, the Village of Bible Hill Recreation or any of its officers or members shall not be deemed responsible for any incident, injury or death resulting from the presence of your Not for profit association/society booth.

Smoking, drinking of alcohol, and recorded music are not permitted in the exhibition areas.

Set up Friday 8.00am until Saturday 09.30am

Opening Ceremony 11.00  ~ Games end at 5pm

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If you require a printed copy of the rules you can download it here.

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