Buskers Registration Form

We are offering local talent the opportunity to perform at strategic locations throughout the field on the day of the games.

Perform in front of hundreds of spectators, put your hat out and reap the rewards for your talent.

There is no fee to perform - just fill in the form below to ensure your space is reserved and pay the regular entrance fee at the gate.

Instructions for Applicants

All buskers must adhere to the following:-

STEP 1: Read Rules 

STEP 2: Complete application 

STEP 3:  Await confirmation 


Buskers Rules - Printable copy
Rules - Buskers.pdf
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Step 1 - Read Rules


The following rules are for your protection, your customer's protection, and for the protection of the venue & organisers; they also help to maintain the standards and quality of the Games.


Read carefully prior to booking a space to be sure that your act complies with them and to avoid any misunderstandings.


All Music or acts offered  at the Colchester Highland Games & Gathering must be suitable for public viewing for people of all ages.  Performances must be of a high quality and preferably with a Scottish, Mi'kmaq, Acadian or Canadian theme.  Items must not be of an offensive nature.  Suitability will be at the sole discretion of the event organiser.  


 All displays, tents/canopies/wires/amps/instruments and anything else associated with your performance must be kept within the dimensions of the space  allocated and must in no way obstruct or endanger the neighbouring people or areas.

 If you require a large area  e.g. dance display, you must provide the organiser with details of your requirements prior to the Games.

All garbage must be removed after the Games have ended.


 Due to the nature of the event & restrictions of traffic, buskers shall not remove any part of their display by vehicle prior to the official closing time unless in an absolute emergency. An official must be contacted in this case.   


Each busker is responsible for adhering to provincial, and municipal regulations and restrictions regarding their individual act.   

The organisers & venue accept no liability for any dispute, loss, damage, injury or death arising from your attendance at the Colchester Highland Games & Gathering.


Smoking, drinking of alcohol, and profane language are not permitted in the exhibition areas.


Set up from 8.00am Saturday 7th (last vehicular traffic on field - 8.00am)


You are not required to be present for the whole day but are welcome to do so if you would like

Any proceeds acquired from your performance are yours to keep. 


Step 2 - Application Form

 Please complete the online application form and await confirmation

Online application form  - just complete and Press send

Note: Please fill out the fields marked with an asterisk.

Step 3 - Await confirmation of acceptance

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch HERE

Thank You For Your Support