Highland Games & Gathering 2017 Events

Colchester NS Tartan Unveiling Sept 8th

At the brand new Civic Square in Truro,  the Colchester Highland Games & Gathering society unveiled

Colchester County's first official tartan. 

This was the last registered tartan in Canada on this day, designed to commemorate the Nova Scotia tartan which was designed in Bible Hill in 1953 and became Canada's first official tartan in 1956.

We were honoured to have the Colchester Legion, Clan Farquharson & the Nova Scotia Highlanders Pipe Bands to bring in the parade.

The opening ceremony of the games took place on centre stage at 11am.  All three mayors in our county were present. 

The Honourary Chieftan of the Games was Chief Bob Gloade.

The Colchester Highland Games & Gathering will be a multicultural event uniting the peoples of our county in one celebration.

The Heavies - Main Arena (2) 9am - 4.50pm

 Part Sponsored by

Truro Nissan &

Luss Highland Games in Loch Lomond Scotland

Old Scotia Heavyweights Association Tossed the Caber, Threw the Hammer and amazed you with their feats of strength.  They also hosted a Mini Highland Games for the youngsters too .

Highland Dance

8.30am ~ 4.50pm

Our very own

Colchester Highland Dancers

hosted the Dance Competitions. 

More information Available HERE  Sponsored in part by Colchester Highland Dance Association


Pipes & Drums

12~ 1 ~3.30~4.30

No Highland Games is complete without the skirl of the pipes and the beat of the drums.

Colchester Legion, Nova Scotia Highlanders & Clan Farquharson Pipe Bands played for your entertainment.

Sponsored in part by Sugar Moon Farm


Tug 'O' War

11.30am ~ 4.45pm

The Nova Scotia Highlanders were the grand winners of our very First Tug O War Competition & the cup will be displayed shortly in the Marigold Sports Hall of Fame. Go visit it and see what your team could win in 2018!


Sponsored by GALLUS GAEL

Clann An Drumma - Centre Stage - 11.30am & 2pm

For those of you who missed them.. they will return in 2018 for the Games.


Clann An Drumma are the phenomenon that inspired a new wave of Highland Pipe and Drum Music like nothing that had come before. 

Their traditional tribal music with contemporary Celtic Rhythms stirred the blood, touched the heart & took everyone who watched them perform here in NS to the mountains & glens of Scotland. 

Sponsored by the Colchester Highland Games & Gathering Society

Bairns Battles

12~1pm & 1.30~3.30pm

All you budding athletes out there... get your chance to shine at one of our races in 2018 ... 100m, obstacle races & Mini Highland Games. 

Main Arena 3

Kilted Dash


Beg, 'steal' or borrow a kilt and compete in our Kilted Dash in 2018.  Will you dare to run as a 'true Scotsman'? Win a Medal at our 2018 Highland Games on Sept 8th.

Main Arena 3

'Note': We do not condone the act of theft. 

Clan Alley

All Day

  6 Clans from across Canada attended our inaugural games.  You are invited to join us again in 2018 as our honoured guests.

Thank you to all who signed the

Book of Clans at the Clan Donald tent.

International Drive

Our Re-enactors - Main Arena 1

Gallus Gael 

Colchester Highland Games & Gathering

Sword Duelists.


From our youngest 14 year old female sword duelist to our oldest in their late 50's they will astound you with the speed of this unchoreographed dueling display.

Hold you breathe as battles are fought to the death for your entertainment.

Gallus Gael

Main Arena 1


Nova Scotia Highlanders


Nova Scotia Highlanders


The first battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders will gave a thrilling demonstration of the weaponry in a field combat re-enactment. We love the smoke, gunfire & loud bangs.

Main Arena 1


84th Regiment of Foot - 2nd Battalion 

Living History Encampment


84th Battalion Regiment of Foot gave a taste of life in the 1800's.  Many travelled back in time with a visit to their encampment to see the food they would have eaten, the weapons they used, the period dress & heard the roar of the cannons & muskets.

Main Arena 1 


Craft Fair

All Day

We had an abundance of crafters - thank you to all who attended. 

Interested in having a space in 2018? -

Complete our application here

International Drive

Food Vendors

All Day

Satisfy your cravings with a host of treats. Taco Styles, Waffles on My Mind,  Draft Pro & Route 6 with Great British Grub serving the VIP tent.  Seating  in the

Entrance Area

Sobeys Truro

Many thanks to Sobeys who provided much needed refreshment for everyone at the games.

Sobey's Stall

International Drive

Greene's Irish Dancers - Centre Stage - 1.15pm


We were amazed at the footwork and precision of the

Greene School of Irish Dance. 

Normally performing at the

Nova Scotia Tattoo and 'Disneyland' they were on our Centre Stage for your delight.

This is the 'Riverdance' of NS



The RCMP unfortunately were called for duty of the day of the games.  We hope they will be available to give a demonstration of their K9 unit showing the training and trust between officer and dog in 2018!

Please note there will be loud bangs in this demonstration

Main Arena 1



14 Fiddlers, a Ukulele player, a Pianist

and some amazing talent. We saw them live on

Centre Stage 



Highland Dancing with a more contemporary Style.

Dedication, power & artistic flair abound 

Centre Stage

Drum Runners


The Drum Runners of Truro

are a local band with some great talent on

the Drums.

They did an amazing job at the games even Clann an Drumma were impressed.

They will be back in 2018.

Centre Stage

Lindsay Johnstone


Lindsay Johnstone has been playing the fiddle since she was six. 

She recently released her first album

'Fiery and Precise'

Her music ranges from haunting to driving Celtic Rock performances.

Centre Stage

Tayla Kelly


 Tayla Kelly is a young talented musician who grew up in Scotland, moved to Nova Scotia in 2009 before returning to Scotland to join the Glasgow Academy of Musical Theatre Arts. 

She plays multiple musical instruments, dances & sings like a dream.

Centre Stage


all day

Watch as the young men and women of the Truro Cadets display the skills required in precision and style.

Main Arena 1



Unfortunately they were unable to come on the day, but be Prepared to hear the story through dance in 2018. 

Listen to the drums and the voice of our native peoples.

Centre Stage


We are looking for some Side shows in keeping with our traditional theme. Interested?


Peripheral Field

Ceilidh Dance Party - Sept 9th - 7.30pm ~ 11pm

Purchase Ceilidh  tickets Here  ...................

Ceilidh Dance

Get your dancing shoes on...



 We ended the day of entertainment with our dancing shoes on at a traditional

Scottish Ceilidh  Dance.

We danced the night away to the 


The NS Ceilidh Band


Everyone had so much fun the Holiday Inn had to throw us out as no one wanted to leave at the end of the night!


Saturday September 9th

 Holiday Inn, Truro. 7.30pm - 11pm  




Never been to a Ceilidh Dance?

You don't know how much fun you're missing!

 Learn the steps by attending local classes before you go, impress your friends.   

For more info on classes see here