2018 Event Schedule Coming Soon

The Colchester Highland Games & Gathering Society are pleased to announce that

Clann An Drumma (Glasgow, Scotland)

will be returning to our live music stage for the 2018 Games.

NEW for 2018 -

Scottish Back Hold Wrestling - Fully Sanctioned Competition

Language & Dance Workshops

Irish V Scots Dance Off


Clann An Drumma


Clann An Drumma are the phenomenon from Glasgow, Scotland, that inspired a new wave of Highland Pipe and Drum Music like nothing that had come before. 

Their traditional tribal music with contemporary Celtic Rhythms stir the blood, touch the heart & took everyone who watched them perform here in NS to the mountains & glens of Scotland. 

Sponsored by the Colchester Highland Games & Gathering Society

Clann An Drumma have a new track entitled 'The Sugar Moon Farm' to commemorate their trip to Nova Scotia and the inaugural Highland Games in 2017

Highland Dance

Support our young dancers by stopping a while at the Highland Dance Stage. Sponsored in part by the

Colchester Highland Dance 


Information and application forms will be  available Summer 2018 HERE

This year will also see the Irish Dancers perform on this stage, including an Irish V Scots Dance Off

Pipes & Drums

No Highland Games is complete without the skirl of the pipes and the beat of the drums.

We are inviting bands from around the province to showcase their talent on our main field on Saturday, Sunday or both please contact us HERE for more info or if your band would like to be involved in any way.

Tug 'O' War

Amateur teams of 5 plus 1 coach. Register HERE

Winners will receive a medal and have their name added to the Gallus Gael Tug 'O' War Cup which is currently displayed in the Marigold Sports Hall of Fame.

Go visit and see what your team could win in 2018!  Sponsored by


The Heavies


 Part Sponsored by

Truro Nissan

 Novices, Mens, Womens & Junior Competitions.

Try the Ogilvie Stone challenge to win $50 in prize money.

Interested Novices can apply HERE

Bairns Battles

All you budding athletes out there... get your chance to shine & win a prize at one of our races in 2018 ... 100m, obstacle races & Mini Highland Games. 

All races free to enter for ages 14 and under. Register at the Games.

Kilted Dash

Beg or borrow a kilt and compete in our Kilted Dash in 2018. 

Will you dare to run as a 'true Scotsman'? Get your chance to win Gold at our 2018 Highland Games on Sept 8th & 9th

Register at the Games

Clan Alley

  Clans are invited to join us again in 2018 as our honoured guests.

To Register click here

Thank you to all who signed the

Book of Clans at the Clan Donald tent in 2017.

Our Re-enactors

Gallus Gael 

Colchester Highland Games & Gathering

Sword Duellists.

From our youngest 15 year old female sword duellist to our oldest in their late 50's they will astound you with the speed of this unchoreographed duelling display.

Hold your breathe as battles are fought to the death for your entertainment.

Gallus Gael 

Nova Scotia Highlanders


The first battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders will gave a thrilling demonstration of the weaponry in a field combat re-enactment. We love the smoke, gunfire & loud bangs.


Their Pipe Band Members will also be performing on our main field.

84th Regiment of Foot - 2nd Battalion 

Living History Encampment


84th Battalion Regiment of Foot gave a taste of life in the 1800's. 

Travel back in time with a visit to their encampment to see the food they would have eaten, the weapons they used, the period dress they wore & hear the roar of the cannons & muskets.  


For 2018 we also hope to have a medieval village set up with archery courtesy of SCA of Nova Scotia

Watch this space

Caledonian Orchestra of Nova Scotia

On Sunday September 9th we will be bringing you The Caledonian Orchestra of Nova Scotia who has a sound  distinctive  to the culture of Scotland.  The harmonies, timing and tempo all reflect a style of music, unique to a country where history was determined not only by events, but through a developed awareness  of dance and song.  Scottish music is unique and strives to capture the essence of its people and culture.  


Craft Fair

Hand Crafters and direct sellers with a Celtic, Mi'kmaq, Acadian or Canadian theme are welcome to join us.

Interested in having a space in 2018? -

Complete our application HERE

Food Vendors


Satisfy your cravings with a host of treats in and around the

Grandstand area

Sobeys Truro


Many thanks to Sobeys who provided much needed refreshment for everyone.

They will return for our 2018 Games


Greene School of Irish Dance

Returning 2018 to the Dance Stage. 

Come see our Irish V Scots Dance off.

Drum Runners of Truro

The Drum Runners of Truro

are a local band with some great talent on

the Drums.

We are pleased to announce they will be back on our live music stage in 2018.


Scottish Backhold Wrestling

For the FIRST time in Atlantic Canada,

A fully Sanctioned

Scottish Backhold Wrestling Competition.

Competitor Registration Now Open HERE

Beer Garden

Quench your thirst with a cool beer in the Grandstand or out on the Patio.

Colchester Highland Dancers

Highland Dancing with a more contemporary Style.

Dedication, power & artistic flair abound.  

Truro Sea Cadets

Watch as the young men and women of the Truro Cadets display the skills required in precision and style.

Mi'kmaq Dancers & Drummers

Unfortunately the dancers were unable to come for our 2017 Games, but the

Iron Tide Drummers were awesome, be prepared to hear the story through dance in 2018. 

Traditional Sideshows

We are looking for some Side shows in keeping with our traditional theme.

Coconut Shy, Toss the Ring etc...



Ceilidh Dance Party - Sept 8th - 7.30pm ~ 11pm

Ceilidh Dance

Get your dancing shoes on...


Get your dancing shoes on for a traditional


Scottish Ceilidh Dance


Music by 

The NS Ceilidh Band


Saturday September 8th 2018

 7.30pm - 11pm


Holiday Inn, Truro


Never been to a Ceilidh Dance?

 Learn the steps by attending classes before you go, impress your friends.   

For more info on classes & our 2019 Record Breaking attempt see here