The very first

Colchester Highland Games & Gathering 

was held at the Jennifer Dr, Ballfield

Bible Hill, Colchester County

on September 9th 2017

It was a very  'traditional games' with an incredible line up of multicultural entertainment, and a field dedicated to our armed forces - bringing 

'Old Scotland' & 'New'

together to make it truly historic.

It proved to be a great success!


We did it Colchester.  Thank you to the 1000+ who attended.

Please  join us on September 8th 2018

for an even more spectacular event!

Please stay tuned ~ Our website will soon be featuring our 2018 event details.

Lets make the 2018 games even better.  Volunteer to be a part of history.  Together we can put Colchester on the map.

Ticket Information

games tickets

Games tickets will be available at

the opening ceremony on September 7th at the Civic Square

and at the gate on September 8th 2018 

Ceilidh Dance

Our ceilidh dance was very successful and we will be repeating the event next year for those of you who missed it and those of you who want to come back for more...

Tartan unveiling

The Official unveiling of theColchester NS Tartan took place at the Civic Square, Prince St, Truro.

It was a great event albeit the sound went off and the lights came on late!!! 

See it HERE

Sponsor Our Games

 Get your chance to sponsor our 2018 Games. 

Would you like to see your name or company's name on our website, on the side of a caber being tossed on the field, on our programme or on a banner at the games site? 

Would you like to own one of our first edition kilts in the brand new Colchester NS tartan?  

These and many more opportunities await the sponsors willing to donate time, money or donations in kind into supporting our games. 

The Colchester Highland Games & Gathering will bring much needed tourism, business & prestige to our county.  Support the Games and help it become THE Games to go to in Nova Scotia.

For more information go to the SPONSORS PAGE or contact us HERE

Far and Wide...

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The Holiday Inn Truro offered discounted rooms and free function suite's to the Games Society. - Thank you.

We hope those of you who travelled to the games enjoyed your stay.

Debert Hospitality Conference Centre sponsored discounted rooms. Thank you.

  I hope our heavyweights didn't break the beds

Truro Nissan sponsored the heavyweights t-shirts & 2 of our shuttle buses. 

Thank you Erik, your drivers were amazing. They also gave us TWO trucks and a trailer for our use.  We look forward to their assistance again in 2018.

Our main parking area was provided free of charge at the NSPEC complex.

We apologise to those of you who missed the signs.  They will be bigger next year!

 Shuttle buses were also provided free of charge to take you to Jennifer Drive.